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everything is the same;

even if it's different.

deer teeth.
14 September 1989
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jamais encore, s'il vous plaît.

a softer world, achy joints, acorns, aimless car rides, anthroponymy, being okay for now, being tired and cold, boring jobs, bustin' mad beats yo, cold ears, cold fingers, cold toes, dancing, dzama, exploring abandoned houses, forest homes, forts in living rooms, free coffee from larry, getting things wrong, henry darger, hiding, holding hands, homemade hannukah cards, impromptu photo shoots, late night denny's trips, leaving things places, long necklaces, mia michaels' contemporary choreography, mittens, my sketchbook, naps, never calling people, never sleeping, no cream three sugars, old books, other countries, other people, other places, other things, post script, potted plants as apologies, prose, quilts, riding bikes, running errands, seeing people i missed, six am bedtimes, snow angles, snowball fights, sunny day photos, the liar paradox, thinking out loud, trips to ithaca, underdogs at imaginary parks, unsent letters, wanting something more, war paints and dances, wind, woodland creatures