cold toes.

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if you have ever made me cry, you aren't invited.

this isn't to be creepy, just to get to know you better. from now on, could you please comment with:

one. your name, or what you like to be called at least.
two. how old you are, and where you might've found me.
three. where you reside (country, state, or city - whatever you feel comfortable with).
four. what you find inspiration in.
five. five or more things you like.
six. five or more things you dislike.
seven. anything else you would like to include.
cold toes.

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between work, school, and trying to maintain some thread of a social life, i haven't updated in years, and i am sorry everyone.

small hiatus.

i have missed so much i feel as if i can't catch up.

i will be back relatively soon though.
cold toes.

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tell me, anonymously:

one: something you love.
two: something you miss.
three: something you have never told anyone.
four: something you like about yourself.
five: someone you admire or look up to.
six: where you would like to be in five years.